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Help us protect our cultural and natural heritage by observing these laws.

Cultural Resources Laws


  • The following things are not permitted on any SCDNR Cultural Heritage Preserve: hunting, operation of motorized, nonmotorized vehicles; camping or campfires; horse riding; metal detecting; gathering, damaging, or destroying rocks, minerals, fossils, artifacts, geological formations, ecofacts, animals or plants.
  • Metal detecting is not permitted on any SCDNR property.
  • Heritage Trust Act (51-17-10, SC Code of Laws)
  • Establishment, operation, and maintenance of wildlife management areas; prohibited conduct; penalties. (50-11-2200, SC Code of Laws)
  • Regulations Applicable to Wildlife Management Areas, Heritage Preserves and other lands owned by the Department of Natural Resources. (123-200, SC Code of Regulations)
  • Please report violations to 1-800-922-5431.

State Laws

Federal Laws