Drive into Botany Bay Heritage Preserve

Protecting South Carolina's Natural & Cultural Heritage Since 1974

For over 50 years, SCDNR’s Heritage Trust Program has preserved and protected natural and cultural properties across South Carolina. Whether you are a South Carolina resident or visiting our beautiful state, take the opportunity to explore our diverse preserves, learn about current research, and discover how you can get involved.

Screenshot of the Ring People film.

Heritage Trust Films

Award winning films highlighting how the Heritage Trust program works to protect South Carolina's unique heritage.

Aerial photo of Pockoy Island

Heritage at Risk

This poster series highlights four recorded archaeological sites that will be directly impacted by a 1-meter rise in sea level– Pockoy Island, Fort Frederick, Spanish Mount and Charleston.

Volunteers at Pockoy Island

The South Carolina Natural Heritage Program (SCNHP)

Find information about hundreds of rare species and natural communities within South Carolina.