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Publications & Data

Information and data sources relevant to Cultural or Natural Heritage Trust activities.


Judge, Christopher and Smith, Steven D., "Acquiring the Past for the Future: The South Carolina Heritage Trust Statewide Assessment of Cultural Sites" (1991). Research Manuscript Series. Book 230. PDF of Publication

Nelson, John B., "The Natural Communities of South Carolina: Initial Classification and Description." (1986). SC Wildlife and Marine Resources Department. Columbia, SC. PDF of Publication

South Carolina Natural Heritage Program

SCDNR's Natural Heritage Program staff regularly work with experts to monitor known populations of rare species and find new populations using the best available data and technology. The program also works with NatureServe, other state natural heritage programs and federal partners to analyze rare species data across boundary lines to inform decisions on how best to protect species of concern across their ranges. This information, gathered from researchers, biologists, and citizen scientists, is used to better understand where rare, threatened or endangered species exist in South Carolina and how best to protect their populations.

South Carolina Natural Heritage Program (SCNHP) Portal

If you are interested in conducting research in collaboration the Heritage Trust program, or on one of the Heritage Trust properties, please view the information on the Resources for Researchers page.